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NIU KQi2 Pro Electric Kick Scooter for Adults (ES version)

NIU KQi2 Pro Electric Kick Scooter for Adults (ES version)


*Spanish version can be deliver to Spain ONLY!

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  • Range up to 40km/charge

  • Top speed 25km/h

  • 15% hill grade climbing ability

  • 20% wider handlebars ( 115.7cm H× 52.00 cm W)

    13% wider deck (16cm W × 57cm L)

    20% fatter wheels (2.3’’) than other adult kick scooters

  • 10’’ rubber pneumatic tires with excellent shock absorption

  • Dual-Braking System:Front drum brake + rear electric brake

  • High-powered Halo headlight, braking lights

  • NIU App (Bluetooth Connectivity)

    Lock your NIU kick scooter for peace of mind

    Check your riding statistics

    Customize your speed

  • 30-day Return
  • 2-year Warranty
  • Free Shipping
This product may be returned for free within 30 days of delivery (Shipping fee will still be included). To return a kick scooter that is not defective or damaged, please contact the customer service team within 30 days. To learn more about our return and refund policy, click here.

All NIU kick scooters are covered under 2-year limited warranty for the original owner. Learn more

NIU offers free shipping to Continental EU countries (islands and Finland not included). →Click to know More

Most Affordable Pro-level Commuter Scooter

Meet your needs in style, without breaking the bank!

 Sleek Design

 Long Range

High Speed

Max Comfort

 Certified Safe

Connected and Smart

40 Km/charge

Travel Range

25 Km/h

Top Speed


Uphill Climb


Max Power

Sleek Design

The KQi2 has a clean minimalist design with a drum brake engineered to fit neatly inside the front wheel, integrated wiring, and swappable griptape.

Integrated Wiring

Swappable Griptape

Bye Bye Range Anxiety

Long Range

Regenerative Braking

40km on a single charge. Plenty of distance for your commute and less worry about charging!

Ride up to 580km every year for FREE - Regenerative braking converts the friction from your brakes into energy to propel you forward. This is the same technology used in premium sports cars!

High Speed

25 km/h top speed

15% hill climb

15% hill climb - Climb moderate hills, bridges or parking lot slopes at a fair speed.

Max Comfort

Our award-wining design team stood in customer's shoes to create an ergonomic design with wider handlebars, deck and tires.

Wide 10" Unstoppable Tubeless Tires

25% Wider Handlebars ( 52cm)

13% Wider Deck (13.3cm)


The NIU patented folding mechanism is both safe and easy to use. Fold or unfold in just one simple motion.

App Support

Check battery level, riding stats, or even customize your speed in app. Now that's smart.

Be Safe, Be Seen

Dual Brakes

IP54 Water Resistant

Iconic Halo Headlight

Aerospace-grade Aluminum

NIU Energy Battery System

Front drum + electric brake. Dual brakes offer double the protection and safety!

Iconic Halo Headlight. NIU brings daytime running lights to kick scooters. With the taillight and braking light, you'll be seen from every direction.

Aerospace-grade aluminum delivers high structural strength for the ultimate rider confidence.

 IP54 Water Resistant - Don't worry about puddles or light rain!

NIU ENERGY® Battery Protection

The KQi2 is equipped with the NIU ENERGY® BMS system, a patented industry-leading technology that provides 14 types of protection and has safely carried riders more than 10 billion kilometres

Overcharge protection

Over discharge protection

Pre-discharge Control

Balance Function

Charging overcurrent protection

Discharge overcurrent protection

Discharge short circuit protection

Discharge high temperature protection

Discharge low temperature protection

Charging high temperature protection

Charging low temperature protection

Breakwire protection

SSR<1.5V Discharge

Charge Prohibited

Battery Voltage>1V Discharge

Charge Prohibited


Name:  NIU KQi2 Pro

Range: 40 km

Top Speed: 25 km/h

Max Rider Weight: 100 kg

Min Rider Age: 14+

Vehicle Weight (inc.battery): 18.42 kg

Wheel Size:  10"

Lights:  Front & Rear LED / Side reflectors

Brake: Front drum + Rear electric + Regenerative braking

Voltage: 48V

Battery: 365Wh

Max Power:  600W

Battery Charge Time: 7h

Rated Power: 300W

Riding Modes:  4 modes: E-Save / Sport / Custom /Pedestrian

Display: LED Dashbord

Waterproof:  IP54

App Integration

  • Set Riding Mode

  • Smart Unlock

  • Rider Statistics

  • Bluetooth Connectivity

  • OTA (over the air) Updates


1 Handlebar Length:  52.0 cm

2 Handlebar Height: 122.0 cm

3. Height after Folding:  52.0 cm

4. Deck Length: 57.0cm

5. Deck Width: 13.3 cm

6. Body Length: 114.7 cm

7. Deck Height: 15.4cm

8. Clearance under deck: 7.6cm

What's in the box?

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