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1.Will I be charged for import Tax?

We ship from local warehouse (Germany or Spain).   No import tax will be charged.  VAT included in retail Price.

2.Do you ship to Islands address?

No, we only ship to continental Europe.  This is because high capacity lithium-ion batteries can not be loaded on airplanes. We do not ship to PO boxes or APO. Learn more about our Shipping Policy

3.Do you offer free shipping?

Yes, we provide FREE shipping to continental Europe.  (Finland not covered, Delivery costs 99$)

4.Should I completely drain the battery before charging?

No. NIU Energy battery technology protects your battery from overcharging, you can charge whenever you feel necessary.

5.Can I change the item I ordered or change the shipping address?

Yes, please contact to for help before shipping. We will try our best to make the change, but please be noted that shipped orders can not be changed. 

6.What if I change my mind and don't want the item anymore?

We accept change of mind returns.  Learn more about the Return Policy.

7.What does kick scooter mean? Do I need to kick all the time?

NIU electric kick scooters need to be "kicked" to start moving and then the motor takes over, carrying you to speeds of up to 20mph in comfort and style.

8.How much is the return going to cost within the 30 Day Return time?

For quality problem, we will help to fix the problem or return on our costs. For change of mind return, return shipping need to be covered by buyer side.  Return shipping costs varies based on distance.  (Return address in California, US/  Montreal, Canada)

9.Do I need insurance to drive a scooter in Germany?

Yes, insurance is required by German law. NIU has registered the KQi kick scooter with the proper authorities, but you will need to purchase insurance yourself. After purchasing, the insurance company will send you a sticker to place on the kick scooter showing that you are insured.

10.Why is the top speed limited to 25km/h? I want to go FAST!

We know, we know. Faster is better! And while a higher speed is technically possible, there's nothing slower than not being able to ride at all. As such, we limit our kick scooters' top speed to meet the local legal requirements so your kick scooter is street legal and able to meet all your commuting needs.

11.Does the KQi3 have suspension?

While the KQi3 does not have traditional suspension, it does use large, wide tubeless pneumatic tires that provide excellent shock absorption. Some solid-wheeled scooters require suspension to provide the most basic of comforts, but this is not required with the large, wide tubeless pneumatic tires we use for the KQi3.

11.Do NIU kick scooters have cruise control??

Yes! Outside of Europe, all KQi2 and KQi3 series kick scooters can enable "Cruise Control" in app settings with the latest OTA updates.

Unfortunately for Europe, in order to comply with local laws and regulations, we do not support a cruise control feature.