The warranty period begins based on the purchase invoice. If there is no purchase invoice available, your order receipt will be used. If this cannot be provided, the product activation date or the NIU system record date shall be used. For e-commerce orders, the start time of the warranty period is based on the delivery date of the product to the customer.


See below for warranty coverage.


Main body (incl. battery, battery charger, frame, motor, controller, dashboard, front fork, main harness)  2 years
Accessories(incl, brake levers, brake disc, brake line, throttle control and other non-daily consumable parts) 6 months
Consumable parts (incl. anti-collision strip, headlight, bell, fender, taillight, decorative cover, kick stand, foot pad) 3 months


The final interpretation right of after-sales service is reserved by NIU company.



The following damages are considered out of warranty:
  • Any damage which results from abuse, misuse, or neglect including but limited to, fire, collision, water damage, riding over obstacles, or theft.
  • Any damage due to aging such as color shading or fading of painted surface, deterioration of plated surface, deterioration of rubber and plastics or rusting.
  • Any product which has been re-modeled or modified.
  • Spare parts out of the warranty period
  • Cracking of the frame caused by excessive load.
  • Water damage to electrical parts.
  • Front wheel or motor deformation.
  • Abrasion of plastic parts and/or brake parts.
  • Torn or damaged stickers.
  • Flat tires.

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